Street Arts

Caterina has extensive experience in the outdoor arts sector.  Starting in Summer 1997 when she led the Piazza Performances for the Opening Festival at Shakespeare’s Globe through to programming Watch this Space at the National Theatre from 2005 – 2007. In 2002 she established Arts Fresco, a one-day street arts event in Market Harborough, which she ran through to 2008.

Photos on these pages were taken over the summer of 2006 by Gabriele Stabile at the National Theatre’s Watch this Space festival where Caterina was Theatre Programmer and at Arts Fresco where Caterina was the founding Artistic Director.

National Theatre

Arts Fresco

Performance credits:

National Theatre: ‘Cliffhanger’ by Bash Street Theatre, ‘Laundry’ by Zilch Theatre, ‘Chaser’ by Motionhouse Dance Theatre, ‘Shall We Dance?’ by Rag Roof Theatre and ‘Arquiem’ by Periplum.

Arts Fresco: ‘Ogre’ by Falling Angel, ‘Spacemen’ by Comic Character Creations Company, ‘Havana Clue’ by Rin Tin Tin, ‘Cherubs’ by Artizani in the children’s village and ‘Just Passing Through’ by Teatro Pachuco.

Photo credits:

All the photos were taken by Gabriele Stabile during the summer of 2006. Gabriele is a documentary photographer working in New York, London and Rome. To contact Gabriele: