Parliament 2015

During 2015 Parliament commemorated a number of important anniversaries: Magna Carta (1215), the Montfort parliament (1265), Agincourt (1415), Waterloo (1815), Sir Winston Churchill’s death (1965) and the first Race Relations Act (1965).

These anniversaries were brought to life through a year-long programme of public engagement activity, Parliament in the Making. The programme reached 1 million people through 100 events and projects. Launching on Tuesday 20 January 2015 – exactly 750 years since Simon de Montfort summoned his Hilary Parliament of 1265 – Parliament in the Making encompassed the major political and historical events that can be seen as marking the journey towards modern day rights and representation. As well as acknowledging the past, it has encouraged debate about the future of the UK’s democracy.

Download an overview of Parliament in Making here

Caterina developed the conceptual framework and with a small team led the delivery of Parliament in the Making. The programme included arts, cultural, learning, celebratory, ceremonial and partnership projects. Highlights include:

  • LiberTeas– celebrating the Magna Carta anniversary through 250 simultaneous worldwide democratically themed tea parties.
  • ‘The Beginning of that Freedome’– a year-long exhibition in Westminster Hall, consisting of 18 large-scale banners created by nine artists commissioned to represent the milestones in the journey for rights and representation.
  • Festival of Freedoms– a six-week nationwide programme of 30 talks, walks, workshops, exhibitions and events.
  • The 2015 Flag Project – an artist led educational programme reaching 20,000 primary school children and culminating in a flag from each county designed by young people flying in Parliament Square.
  • Winston Churchill Memorial, House of Commons and theMontfort Memorial, Westminster Abbey.